The No Feeding Tubes Show

EP 17 How to eat at work

June 20, 2022 Yvonne McClaren Season 1 Episode 17
The No Feeding Tubes Show
EP 17 How to eat at work
Show Notes

◥◥ Focus and work toward your food goals with this SECL - Social Eating Checklist

When it comes to eating with the side effects of HNC treatment - I refused to be limited by it.

I have dysphagia and some days are better than others. I also have an issue with speaking, breathing and eating at the same time. 

 Lots of people don't understand why it's difficult. 

There is no silver bullet, but I do know there are boundaries to push and experiences to be had. 

 This was one of the hardest areas I had to tackle. 

There is a lot of focus on retirees and people not in the workforce and increasingly this is affecting younger people and those still having to work in corporate environments, front line workers, professional educators. Anyone still working & having to travel/ commute on a daily basis.

This week's episode is about eating at work. What to eat, how to eat and taking the stress out if it. 

What's your food work environment like? 

 This is  about expanding your life and not allowing food to dictate your activity, or at the minimum reducing your altered eating's effect on your chosen activity be it work or travel. 

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